Conferences & Research

Over 40 years, TWCF conferences and research represents applied work of leading scholars, analysts, regional and international experts from the United States, Canada, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and Asia and many Third World countries. Conferences and publications pose original questions, pursue in-depth analyses, and offer a clear perspective toward practical and workable solutions confronting developing societies, and communities worldwide. This all started with a workshop that evolved into the Third World Conference and then the foundation itself 10 years later.

Future TWCF Conferences

TWCF programs and activities have a legacy of providing diverse perspectives and critical analysis in research and practice related to local and global sustainable economic, social, political, and environmental development. In 2016, TWCF’s platform is to engage in contemporary analysis through timely discussion and exchanges on key local, regional, and global issues with the intent to provide the public with thoughtful evaluations and solutions.

The annual TWCF Conference will continue to bring together scholars, professionals, and select graduate students from the United States and worldwide to engage issues facing development and change from intercultural and interdisciplinary perspectives. The TWCF aims to utilize timely discussions, events, publications, and online exchanges throughout each year. Future events will be announced on our website.

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